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Hi! I’m Ružica, but feel free to call me Rosy. Why Rosy? Along with being a direct translation of my native name, Rosy also means “suggesting good fortune or happiness”. Also, I blush quite often. In short, I hope my tour will bring you happiness beyond most rosy forecasts and don’t be surprised if my cheeks turn rosy, especially if I get a compliment.

Why Lopud?

My Lopud story started with movie-like love. I’m originally from Herzegovina. My visit to the island was supposed to be just one summer job on a beautiful island, but it got under my skin. There is actually a saying on Lopud that if you drink Lopud’s water once, you will be back for sure. So, be careful not to drink tap water, if you don’t want to come back again. I’ve met quite a few people who have been spending every single summer holiday on Lopud for the last 20, 30, 40, even 50 years.

In my case, there was definitely no way I was going to leave. The first day I came to Lopud, clumsy as I am, I managed to get a scrubbing hook stuck to my pants. All local psychics proclaimed that it is an unmistakable sign that I would definitely stay here. True or not, I’m still here. And quite in love. I live in a beautiful stone house, part of Mihajlović residence, who have been hosts for over half century.


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Why tour guide?

Being a tour guide unites all my passions. First of all, every single person I meet is an inexhaustible source of knowledge from which I’m blessed to learn. I figured out that I can’t travel everywhere; however, while sharing a story about Lopud, I always get back a bit of my fellow travellers’ culture.

Secondly, I believe that all of us should do what we love. I did my MA degree in both and I didn’t want to do a job involving imaginary cubes and incomprehensible vocabulary. Art & history are made for all of us to enjoy and learn. I’m so happy to be able to share a bit of my knowledge in a fun and relaxing way, which feeds both the soul and the mind.

Thirdly, I believe that none of us is too small to make a change. Less than 200 people live on the island all year round. Spreading the word about its once glorious days and working to make it a better place may create a better future for Lopud.

Contact Rosy

Call Rosy on +385 92 365 0644, email on or leave a message below. From this point on, it’s all about you!