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Mindfulness Lopud walking tour

Experience a unique vacation through the Mindfulness Lopud walking tour in which participants will connect with the island of Lopud in a special way, feel its supportive energy, and experience an additional boost of creativity, inspiration, and support. Choose between different types of this holistic adventure crafted to awaken your senses and ignite your creativity.

During this tour, you will learn more about the life and customs of Lopud while walking leisurely around the island. Also, you can choose between different mindfulness treatments which will help you to open up and connect with the beautiful scenery around you

Seek new horizons: explore a vacation done differently.

Lopud walking tour by Tour Guide Rosy

Available treatments

Access Bars – cijena – 63 EUR
Accesa Face Lift – 75 EUR
Full body process (MTVSS) – 75 EUR
Group size: up to 15 people

Guided Lopud walking tour by Rosy (1)

Tour Includes

Leisurely walk around the island
Get to know the life on the island
Connection with the energy of the island

Dubrovnik & Lopud Tour Guide

I’m a historian, art historian and licensed tour guide who is madly in love with Lopud island and Dubrovnik's history.

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