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Inside out Lopud walking tour

Relive the Golden Days of Lopud’s history and stand in the footprints of all famous islanders. Explore the gorgeous car-free island of Lopud and all the main highlights on a guided Lopud tour. All Rosy’s tours are private and custom made. She will craft unforgettable moments, to be shared with your family or closest friends on Lopud island.

Inside out Lopud walking tour
Lopud walking tour by Tour Guide Rosy


Type: tailor-made private tour
Duration: 2 – 3 hours
Price: EUR 64
Group size: up to 15 people
Language: English
Included: certified guide,
map of Lopud island
Optional: transfers, food and drink

Guided Lopud walking tour by Rosy (1)

Tour Stops

1. Meeting point
2. Hotel Pracat
3. Lopud museum
4. St Jerome church
5. The Chapel of the Crucified Redeemer
6. House of Zamanja Pavlina
7. Park Đorđić Mayneri
8. The Church of St. Nicolas
9. The Grand Hotel
10. The Vyctor Monument
11. Legend about the wretched woman
12. The Sunj Beach

Dubrovnik & Lopud Tour Guide

I’m a historian, art historian and licensed tour guide who is madly in love with Lopud island and Dubrovnik's history.

Lopud Tour Highlights

We will discover the importance of the Franciscan friars and their influence on the flow of ideas, art, and resources that shaped the identity of the island. Our path will lead down the Lopud’s bay promenade to the main Lopud’s monuments, including the botanical garden Đorđić-Mayneri, the Dominican church, and the Grand Hotel. We will acknowledge why one should not judge on appearance, and why it is liberating to explore stories “behind the scene.” And let’s not forget the stunningly beautiful Lopud’s nature, crystal clear sea, and golden sandy beaches.

If there is anything at all you would like to do differently, let me know and I will tailor your perfect Lopud tour. You can also check out other suggested itineraries for private Lopud walking and food tours. 

Lopud guided tours meeting pointWe will start our Lopud Walking Tour at the mulberry tree, where your guide will show you the beating heart of Lopud life, both during the old ages and today. Firstly, you will hear how Isola di Mezzo (the island in the middle) became a part of a powerful maritime force of The Dubrovnik Republic and changed its rulers since then. Secondly, you will find out why this 4,6 square kilometers large island has 35 churches and chapels, nine monasteries, and significant nobility’s summer residences. Moreover, you will discover how they fought the pirates that wanted to steal their huge treasure, and much more.

Hotel Pracat Lopud Island Guided Tour

We’ll stroll down the promenade to the old building, former Hotel Pracat, built on top of a 9th-century chapel. Many intriguing legends have been formed around the hotel. It’s a great stop to have a chat about life on Lopud during Yugoslavia.


Lopud Sun Watch Tour Guide Rosy

The next stop is Lopud square in front of the museum, which unfortunately hasn’t been open to the public since the Homeland War. However, the story around the museum and the square on which it stands is a curious one. It will take you through time to golden Dubrovnik Republic times when Lopud was famous for shipbuilding and trading, wine and olive oil production, fishing, and crafts. You’ll also learn how to use an old sun clock, which may come handy if all the clocks on the island suddenly stop or you want to impress a special someone.

4. St Jerome church

St Jerome church Lopud Tour Guide Rosy
As we stroll further along the promenade, you’ll hear stories of not only the past but equally exciting present life. Absorb the atmosphere and discover how locals enjoy their feel-good lifestyle and long coffee breaks on the central waterfront. It will take us to 17th century St. Hieronymus chapel, which is a prime example of how the wealthy Lopud inhabitants spent their money.


The Chapel of the Crucified Redeemer

Miho Pracat, one of the greatest islanders until this day, built this church. He lived an exciting life as an adventurer and donated his wealth to Lopud and Dubrovnik Republic. There are many stories and fascinating legends about him that we will walkthrough. The church itself still plays a role in the life of Catholics on Lopud Island.


House of Zamanja Pavlina Lopud Tour by Rosy
In front of the House of Zamanja Pavlina, we will take a chance to talk about the life of wealthy families and nobles on Lopud. The house of Zamanja Pavlina is a work of art with an enchanting garden behind it. Unfortunately, today it is standing as a ruin due to the vast number of inheritors.


Park Mayneri Lopud Tour Guide Rosy

We’ll make a short detour from the promenade into the green beauty of the botanical garden Đorđić-Mayneri, also called a park of love. Garden itself presents eclecticism of thoughts from the 19th century, all through the 20th century.


Saint Nicolas Church Lopud Island

Our next stop is the marvelous church of St Nicolas. You will discover that it is not only a piece of art but also a place where the most famous islanders read the very first book and acquired skills to navigate the sea.


Grand Hotel Lopud
We will unravel the astonishing story about the Grand Hotel. It assemblages a dash of impressive architectural innovation, controversial story of WWII, and causes of today’s decaying condition. At the same time, it will come to light its influence on the islander’s everyday life.

The Vyctor Monument Lopud IslandOn our way to the other side of the island Lopud, we will come across to the five-meter high monument of Victor Dyck. This famous Czech writer and politician truly deserve a memorial like this, and your guide will break down the reasons why.
Legend about the wretched woman

One of the most beautiful and saddest love stories is one about young orphan Mary and her lover John. You will find out what happened with them, but also you will have an incredible view of the breathtaking sandy beach Šunj.


Lopud Sunj beach Guided Tours Rosy

The last stop on our Inside out Lopud walking tour is on the Šunj beach. According to your preferences, you can decide if you want to swim, take lunch in one of the restaurants or grab a taxi to come back to the village.

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