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Experience Lopud’s many scenic views and its fascinating history on one of Rosy’s private Lopud walking tours. Have the flexibility to customize your itinerary, pace and start time.

Lopud Walking Tour Highlights Tour Guide Rosy

Lopud Highlights walking tour

up to 1 hour | EUR 49

Stroll through Lopud bay like a local and enjoy this leisurely paced walking tour along the coastline of Lopud Island. This tour is the best option for those who seek an agile, convenient, and straightforward introduction to the history, culture, and everyday life on Lopud. Moreover, on this Lopud walking tour, you will get a quick insight into the unusual islander’s life.

Lopud sunset tour by Rosy

The paths of Miho Pracat

1 hour | EUR 13

Join Rosy as we celebrate the 500th anniversary of Miho Pracat’s birth, and let Lopud’s rich heritage captivate your heart. We will return to the golden period of the island of Lopud, getting to know the life of Miho Pracat, we will find out how the people of Lopud lived, what they ate, how they dressed and how they loved the renaissance.

Lopud Walking Tour by Rosy

Inside out Lopud walking tour

2 – 3 hours | EUR 64

Explore the exciting history of an island that used to have ten times more inhabitants than today, shipyard, and many wealthy residents living in stone mansions with glamorous parks and private chapels. Rosy will take you to historic sites dating from the Middle Ages to the late 20th century. Moreover, you’ll find out little secrets and curiosities.

Tour of Lopud by Rosy

Rise and Shine tour of Lopud Island

3 – 4 hours | EUR 119

For all early birds who seek a kick-ass start of a day, a little bit of hiking, and want to feel the most captivating morning with a dash of history, we have our Rise and Shine tour. While everybody is still sleeping, we will take a chance to avoid crowds, and have all the beauty of the island for ourselves. While walking up the hill, you’ll get to enjoy all Lopud’s beauties and learn a bit of the island’s past.

Lopud sunset tour by Rosy

MindfulnesS Lopud walking tour

2 – 3  hours | FROM EUR 63

Experience a unique vacation through the Mindfulness Lopud walking tour in which participants will connect with the island of Lopud in a special way, feel its supportive energy, and experience an additional boost of creativity, inspiration, and support. Choose between different types of this holistic adventure crafted to awaken your senses and ignite your creativity.

Lopud sunset tour by Rosy

Bites and sites Lopud food tour

4 – 5 hours | EUR 79

This Lopud walking tour could be described as “best of the best“. It combines stories about Lopud’s history, perfect sunset, and delicious food. After an hour walk, a golf car taxi will wait for us and take us on a family-run farm. Here we will try excellent homemade liquors, wine, and much more. Be prepared to speak to each other, because there is no internet connection. Here time truly stops.

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