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Elaphiti islands guided tour

If you wish to explore three islands in one day and have a relaxing local experience with your private skipper and tour guide, then Rosy’s Elaphiti guided tours are just the right choice. The best part is that you can choose to visit one, two or all three islands.

Elaphiti guided tour by Rosy

Why should I book Elaphiti islands tour?

The Dubrovnik’s Elaphiti islands are nestled in the southern Adriatic, surrounded by crystal clear sea and the centuries-old architectural heritage. Kolocep island’s secret cave, Lopud island’s sandy beaches, and Šipan island’s summer houses will leave you breathless. The Elaphiti islands were the favorite vacation destination of Dubrovnik aristocratic families. Many of the island’s defensive towers stand as silent witnesses to history and defying of time. Moreover, valuable monuments of sacred art have been preserved on the islands. You will discover a world of myths, legends, and stories as well as paths of famous islanders.

Elaphiti Island Tours are organised in cooperation with Rewind Dubrovnik by Boat.

Elaphiti islands tour by Rosy

1. Get in touch with the nature

Soak up the sun on a private speed boat, boost yourself with vitamin D, and let go of daily stress. A green oasis surrounded by the blue sea awaits for you. While crickets and birds make a soundtrack, breathe in clean salty air mixed with Mediterranean scents.

Elaphiti coves and caves snorkeling tour

2. Explore hidden coves & caves

Did you know that many caves on Elaphiti islands are only reachable from the sea side? Jump off the boat into refreshing sea, and swim into green and blue water illuminated by the sun. Discover magical, fairly tale coves and caves, and take your Dubrovnik vacation to a whole new level.

Dubrovnik & Lopud Tour Guide

I’m a historian, art historian and licensed tour guide who is madly in love with Lopud island and Dubrovnik's history.

Rosy's private tours provide a safe and stress-free experience. All COVID-19 epidemiological guidelines provided by the Croatian authorities and the World Health Organization are being implemented on daily basis.

Elaphiti islands tour Sunj beach by tour guide Rosy

3. Discover Elaphiti islands’ beaches

Most of Dubrovnik’s beaches are rocky and pebbly, which makes sandy beaches exceptionally rare. Šunj beach on the island of Lopud is known as one of the best sandy beaches in the Dubrovnik area. Moreover, your skipper will show you lesser-known ones, and by the end of the day, you will become experts for hidden beaches only known by locals.

Elaphiti islands tour by Ruzica Mirkovic

4. Reveal historical treasures

Picturesque Mediterranean villages, but historically enormously significant, were erected on Elaphiti islands during the times of The Republic of Ragusa, also known as Dubrovnik Republic. The islands had the same wealth and cultural heritage as Dubrovnik, the capital of this aristocratic maritime republic. Rosy will walk you through its stories.

Food tour Lopud Island by Tour Guide Rosy (1)

5. Enjoy Mediterrane food and wine

Mediterrane cuisine is so delicious, that you can find it on the UNESCO list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. For islanders, food is perceived as more of a ritual than just an act of eating. Homegrown vegetables, olive oil, fish, and meat, prepared with love and a bottle of the domestic vine, are the perfect complement to this tour.

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