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Dubrovnik guided tour

Dubrovnik’s magnificent walls, red roofs, and astonishing views are just some of the reasons why you should get to know the Old City. No matter if you are on Lopud, some other Elaphiti island or anywhere else in Dubrovnik surrounding, Rosy can organise transportation and perfect Dubrovnik guided tour for you.

Dubrovnik guided tour by Rosy

Why should I book Dubrovnik guided tour?

Every year you can hear that it is the best time to visit Dubrovnik in the off-season. However, this 2020 is a unique year. Without a crowd, you will experience the Dubrovnik summer festival, get to know Dubrovnik culture, and eat in the most excellent restaurants. Moreover, you will feel like a local now more than ever. Your guide will show you where an unusual airplane accident occurred in the center of Dubrovnik, tell a story about the Dubrovnik romance of British king Edward VIII, explain the term of Dubrovnik’s originals and more.

Dubrovnik guided tour by Rosy

1. Endorse what you see

Of course, there is plenty of information about Dubrovnik online. So, why choose a certified tour guide on your discovery of the town? Because, Rosy will be there every step of the way to tell you the best stories from Dubrovnik’s history, show you all the top spots, hidden beauties and best photo opportunities. You will have a local who is excited about history and familiar with Dubrovnik’s everyday life. 

Dubrovnik Guided Tour from Lopud Island

2. See the walls

Did you know that Dubrovnik City Walls has 1080 steps? These 1940 m long walls were built during a total of 5 centuries for the City’s defense. One of the best-preserved fortification systems now is a symbol of Dubrovnik. Walk into the City through the main entrance, get lost in its narrow streets, and find out why it is on the list of monuments that you need to visit in your lifetime.

Dubrovnik & Lopud Tour Guide

I’m a historian, art historian and licensed tour guide who is madly in love with Lopud island and Dubrovnik's history.

Rosy's private tours provide a safe and stress-free experience. All COVID-19 epidemiological guidelines provided by the Croatian authorities and the World Health Organization are being implemented on daily basis.

Dubrovnik Guided Movie Tour by Rosy

3. Walkthrough the film studio

Love it, or not, there is no person who hasn’t heard about the Game of Thrones series. After walking through Dubrovnik for the first time, David Benioff said that Dubrovnik looked just like King’s Landing. In the 20th century, around 50 movies were filmed here. Also, every summer, Dubrovnik becomes an open-air theater. Many renowned plays are performed in enchanting places in the City, including Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 

Guided tour of Dubrovnik by Rosy

4. Spies, crime, and punishment

As the center of the former Dubrovnik Republic, Dubrovnik was successful in two things: trade and diplomacy. As a result, espionage was a necessity. A particular chapter in the history of Renaissance espionage belonged to poisons. Find out which town was the center for production deadliest ones. Also, reveal how Dubrovnik referred to crime and what kind of inhumane and severe punishment they were using.

Dubrovnik sunset tour with certified tour guide

5. Enjoy romantic sunset boat ride

After an easy paced walk, have a relaxing boat ride with Rewind Dubrovnik by Boat and feel the City from the seaside. Mesmerising mighty walls and wine in your hand will make you feel like the world is yours. The open sea soaked in the colors of sunset will make a perfect combination for astonishing photos. Besides, if your vacation home is on Lopud or one of the other Elaphiti islands, it will be a drop off destination.

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