Lopud Guided Tours

Everything has its own story that needs to be told

Are you a wanderer in a pursuit to discover new hidden places? Do you seek local experience? Certified Dubrovnik & Lopud tour guide Rosy prepared a collection of exciting tours for you on Lopud island. All tours are small and private, which makes them perfect for couples, friends, families, and solo travelers. They are carefully crafted to provide a perfect ratio of historical facts, life stories, and charming scenery. Moreover, each experience can be custom made to fit your travel style. Have a look!

Lopud Guided Tours

Find out all the little secrets that Lopud shores hide. Dive in history, culture, and local cuisine, accompanied by your private certified Lopud tour guide. No matter if you are here on a one day-gateway or Lopud is your holiday destination, Rosy will tailor a tour for you that will suit your every wish and need.  

Lopud Holistic Escape

Experience the incredible treasure of history, culture, and nature hidden here, to truly relax every fiber of your being, renew your spirit and body, and take a piece of this experience back home as the most precious souvenir.

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Hi, my name is Rosy

I’m a historian, art historian and licensed Dubrovnik & Lopud tour guide who is madly in love with Lopud Island and Dubrovnik’s history. I hope my tour will bring you happiness beyond most rosy forecasts and don’t be surprised if my cheeks turn rosy, especially if I get a compliment.

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Call Rosy on +385 92 365 0644, email on lopudguide@gmail.com or leave a message below. From this point on, it’s all about you!